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Big dreams come true here at MASE. We are proud to have taught such bright students and have aided them with the tools to discover their passion and pursue their dreams. To our Alumni, you’ll always be part of our family. 

MASE Alum 2007 & PhD in public policy from King’s College London (KCL), has contributed most of his life’s work to his alma mater- AUC.

Alum 2015

Farida Eid is living proof you could have it all. She’s a 22 years old logistics management student at the Arab academy, and a professional  swimmer at Heliolido sports club.

Alum 2007

Farahat is an enthusiastic self-driven and goal oriented engineer. After earning his BSc and MSc from AUC, he gained significant experience in multi-nationals like Dar Al Handasah and Jotun.