School Facilities

School Facilities

MASE’s campus has 90 classes that can take up to 2,100 students. All our classes have interactive panel boards, smart boards, and  projectors to aid the students during their learning process.

MASE is equipped with a theater hall that can hold up to 600 students. The theater holds regular school plays, celebrations, and important school events.

MASE offers its students an indoor semi- Olympic swimming pool where they can explore their talents and have fun. In addition to that, it offers a smaller swimming pool for younger students to enjoy fun and safe activities. 

Our sporting facilities cater to a very wide range of sports and physical activities including: two Football fields, a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, speedball, indoor multi-purpose hall, and badminton as well as an indoor semi- Olympic swimming pool.

All buses at MASE are air conditioned to serve a high quality of transportation for both our students and staff. The buses also get sterilized daily to ensure the safety of our community.

What a student learns in a classroom is never enough, hence MASE continuously motivates its students to take an extra step and research further each topic learned. To ease the process, our campus is equipped with two libraries to serve all our students’ educational purposes.

MASE’s campus is technologically advanced with the addition of in class  interactive panel boards, smart boards, the school also has 5 computer labs where students can research and explore our wide range of online resources.

MASE offers its students the chance to explore and conduct hands on experiments by providing 4 science labs that are equipped with all the needed tools and resources.

Performing Arts are all about self expression and embracing individuality. Our campus is equipped with 5 Music rooms, 5 Art studios, 1 Home Economic room, and an Acting studio to cater to every students’ passion.

To ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff, MASE is equipped with a clinic occupied with 2 professional medical Doctors and a Pharmacist that are always ready to help when in need.

The cafeteria offers a wide range of offerings for MASE’s students and faculty. The food and snacks are checked regularly to ensure the cafeteria is following the safety and hygiene standards.

In order to satisfy all our parents’ and faculty’s needs, MASE has an administrative desk occupied with 3 receptionists with the main aim of replying to and resolving all inquiries.

Along with our wide range of sport facilities, MASE also is equipped with a kids playground where kids can play and enjoy fun activities.

With the aim to adjust to the changes in the educational field, MASE now has 4 recording studios to aid students with their online learning experience.

MASE has a wide underground parking where the school buses as well as faculty’s cars can be parked within a safe place. It can hold up to 300 vehicles.