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About Us

About MASE

Founded in 2000, MASE is an American-accredited school of high education, focused on enhancing students’ creative, intellectual and educational life. The school’s second and newest campus was established in 2017.

MASE follows an American curriculum which ensures each student’s competence and educational excellence. The school helps students build character and practice leadership through the school’s extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

The MASE vision is to nurture confident, life-long learners prepared for the challenges of the 21st century through innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our Mission

MASE provides an integrated American curriculum designed to empower all learners to reach their highest potential while preserving a cultural identity.

Our Values

Here at MASE, we value the intellectual growth of individuals, the diversity of its community, the integrity of character, and the continuous strive for excellence.

School Director

Dr. Osama Salah

MASE is delighted to welcome you on board!

We promise you an academic year full of good times, fun adventures and endless opportunities. At MASE, we continuously ensure that our students are getting the highest quality education while being surrounded with a supportive environment. Although we are facing a lot of challenges in the educational field, we want you to rest assured that MASE is doing its best to guarantee that every student receives the best education experience possible.

Accreditation & Memberships


Cognia is a century’s worth of classroom data, powered by a global network that reaches tens of millions of students. It equips schools to share understanding of global trends and challenges, paired with keen awareness of what works day-to-day—in the school’s region and around the world.

Egyptian Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is committed to developing a pre-university education system in Egypt to provide a model for leadership in the region by providing quality education to all children and young people.


The Modern American Schools of Egypt (MASE), is an accredited center for both ACT and SAT tests. We offer students all the necessary resources to have a seamless testing experience. MASE also offers its younger students MAP tests to ensure that students are meeting the required standards and offer additional help if needed.