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MASE's Learning Resources

On campus resources

At MASE, we continuously  encourage our students to further research each topic learned as we believe that classroom information is never enough for students to discover their passion. Hence, in order to aid them the school is equipped with two libraries that contain a wide variety of books and articles that would widen the learning scope of each student.

Online resources

MASE always updates its system to adapt  to the new technologies that appear in the educational field. MASE faculty are currently using Classera and Raz-Plus to aid them in their teaching process as well as offer students unlimited access to global online resources for greater educational impact.


The school uses several online resources in order to widen the learning experience for each student. Such softwares include Classera and Raz-plus.


Social Responsibility


MASE uses the newest technology in the educational field and is always looking out for the new changes happening in the market. All classrooms starting from kindergarten up till high school are equipped with smart boards for a seamless and smoother learning experience for the students. The school also uses several online resources in order to widen the learning range for each student. Such softwares include Classera and Raz-plus.


One of the main goals of MASE is not only to give students the highest quality of education possible but also to aid the students with the tools needed to become a socially responsible individual who cares and gives back to their community. We do so by educating our students about the importance of empathy and integrity as well as the continuous efforts of self-development disregarding the field one pursues.


In order to ensure parents with MASE’s standards and quality of education, the school is accredited by Cognia and the Egyptian ministry of education

 Cognia (Cognia is a century’s worth of classroom data, powered by a global network that reaches tens of millions of students, It equips schools to share understanding of global trends and challenges, paired with keen awareness of what works day-to-day—in the school’s region and around the world.) 

Egyptian ministry of Education (The Ministry of Education is committed to developing a pre-university education system in Egypt to provide a model for leadership in the region by providing quality education to all children and young people)


Our highly qualified and caring teachers combine subject expertise with attention to each student to deliver the best teaching experience. All teachers go through a challenging screening process to ensure that we deliver to our students the finest education.

Admissions for the new academic year 2022 is now open. Due to the high volume of requests, MASE is applying a first come first serve strategy. Accordingly, we urge you to apply now.