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Campus Life

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A place to learn, grow and enjoy

MASE is a diverse community where students and staff work hand in hand to discover different talents and shed light on them. We believe in experiences beyond the classroom walls and continuously encourage them.

Science fairs

In order to enhance the student’s experience and passion, MASE conducts regular science fairs where students can showcase their projects and get hands-on experience with working in a team and facing an audience.

Field trips

Field trips play an essential role in the student’s experience at MASE. We enhance the student’s knowledge by regularly exploring off-campus sites and visits.

Sports/fun day

In order to ensure that the student’s experience at MASE is informative as well as fun, we conduct yearly sports day and a fun day to guarantee that the students are not overwhelmed and are enjoying their learning experience and their time at the school.


At MASE, we continuously strive to provide and support our students with the best coaches, facilities and equipment. We ensure that our athletes demonstrate integrity of character, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our school recognized the important role sports play in the development of a student’s character.

Performing Arts

Extracurricular activities play a crucial role in the student’s experience at MASE. We allow our students to explore their passion and get out of their comfort zone by trying new experiences. MASE conducts yearly plays and shows to engage our students in unique adventures.

Health & Wellness

To ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff, MASE is equipped with a clinic occupied with 2 professional medical Doctors and a Pharmacist that are always ready to help when in need.

Student Support Services

The student support system is designed to help students who need further support to succeed academically. It is based on the best researched methods that are commonly used all around the globe to aid students to reach the required academic level. Our specialized faculty use their wide expertise to meet the unique needs of the students. Our Student Support Services help fulfill our mission which is to focus on enhancing students’ creative, intellectual and educational life.