MASE Facilities

MASE is equipped with ample facilities.
All classrooms are air-conditioned and have smart boards.
The school has labs for all disciplines:
ICT labs.
computer labs.
- Science labs.
- Wi-Fi.
The campus is equipped with 2 libraries to serve all the educational and research purposes.
A photocopying center.
A clinic.
A cafeteria available to serve students’ and faculty’s needs.
A mosque.
For physical education classes, activities, and elective courses, the school is equipped with:
An indoor Olympic swimming pool
Artificial grass fields: soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, and volleyball fields.
To serve extracurricular activities, mainstream and elective courses, the school has:
Theatre hall.
Music rooms.
Art studios.
Home economics room.
An indoor gymnastic hall.
A TV Studio.
Moreover, 176 bathrooms serve the school’s needs as follows:
169 bathrooms for students and staff.
7 bathrooms for drivers and workers.
Additionally, a fleet of air-conditioned buses for the transportation parking in MASE underground garage.